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My Life Story

It is dependent on how we had been raised and I'm certain all of us develop our supposed 'dream occupation' and while few simply love the type of cozy and gorgeous office employment perched behind the table, this is entirely not my kind. Prior to this, I was disillusioned into believing that corpoarte job was the best alternative. At one juncture, I was genuinely into thinking that many of those going around in their official office suits and attires were fabulous. Subsequently after university or college, I was charged up about undertaking my own management and business profession.

It is amazing how much things have changed in that period of time. What I at one point of time deemed to be fabulous and gorgeous turned out to be terrible. Do not get me wrong. I did manage to enter among the many Fortune 500 firms and I'm not fooling you. Subsequent to enduring two years of agony being seated behind the cubical seven days a week and waiting for the clock hand to hit past 6 pm, I decided that I had enough.

You might call me hotheaded, but so far as I can ascertain, I have made an effort speaking to my classmates who graduate at approximately the same time as I am. Incredibly, quite a large number of whom I spoke to were in the similar conditions or more terrible than myself. I can surely convey to you that financial is certainly not the issue here. You bet, we were handsomely rewarded in our work and we did discern how fortunate we were when lots of people in the country are still struggling to get a hold of jobs.

My job at the office where I worked for was never ever insecure. Really, it turned out to be the office politics that instigated my choice. I despise it when I need to be not who I am. I love arguing but only when everyone disagree on the benefits of an idea rather than some hidden agenda. I imagine myself 20 and thirty years down the road and imagine how miserable life would definitely be if I had to be stuck in such 'corporate prison'. Life is short and too precious. Since I have deserted the corporate world, I just picture myself not turning back for regardless of the cause.

In the two years that I had been stuck in 'corporate jail', I had built up good amount of financial savings that helped me to realize my other passion in life and coincidentally, it is the culinary field. I am at this point enjoying myself 100% of the time and as opposed to formerly when I had to dread waiting for the clock to touch 6, time flies nowadays.

This blog is portion of my pastime and side activities. Nothing essential, nothing confidential here. You may think my content motivating and that is extremely good. Else, thanks for stopping by.

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